synod7Looking for a Church to Join?

Becoming a member of any church helps you to solidify your commitment to God and is a defining moment in your Christian fellowship.  It means that you take your commitment to Christ seriously enough to make a commitment to Christ’s church in a public way.   And as with any commitment, following it through can help ensure your success in that area.

By becoming a member of St. Paul your membership also allows the opportunity to help make key decisions affecting the church’s future. In a world where membership in almost every group is falling you can help the church be the one place where it is increasing.

The St. Paul Family

As a small, community church we become as close as family.  We get to know the others in our church in a close, personal way.  We strive to lift up and support the others through friendship and compassion.  You won’t find yourself lost in a large crowd as you may with a larger church.  But you will find yourself surrounded by people that care enough to pray for you, call when you’re sick, sit at your bedside in the hospital, celebrate life’s successes with you and to grieve with you.  Whether you are young or old, a long-time Christian or just finding your way you will always be welcome in our St. Paul family!